Summer Yoga: 20 Poses for the Heart and Small Intestine Meridians (Yoga for the Seasons)

| July 18, 2013


Summer Yoga: 20 Poses for the Heart and Small Intestine Meridians (Yoga for the Seasons)

This book, Summer Yoga: 20 Poses for Heart and Small Intestine Meridians is informative & made into an easy to follow yoga class with concise instructions. Each yoga pose also has an image so you can practice with confidence, knowing that you are in correct alignment in each pose.

These yoga poses activate the energy channels of the heart, pericardium, triple heater and small intestine. When these organs become balanced it provides us with endless expressions of power, strength, joy, love and compassion.

According to the Chinese Five Element theory, the body is made up of the same five primary elements that exist in nature – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. Each of these elements links to different organs, and affects us physically and psychologically.

In summer the fire element is strongest, so activating the meridians (energy channels) of the heart, pericardium, triple heater and small intestine brings balance to these organs.

Heart imbalance can cause symptoms like, sadness, absence of laughter, depression, shortness of breath, palpitations, inability to speak, memory failure, insomnia & anxiety. Small intestine imbalance can cause symptoms like, profuse sweating, tinnitus, poor mental assimilation, inability to assimilate ideas, insecurity, feeling of being lost, and vulnerable.It doesn’t sound very pleasant does it?

Spirit Yoga classes mostly use traditional yoga poses and some yoga therapy exercises that are based on bringing energy (chi or prana) to the meridian channels located through-out the body. Summer Yoga will bring balance to your body and life during the Summer Season, so you can function with greater ease.Imagine waking each morning feeling revived and ready to head out into the world to inspire others with your confidence, love and laughter.

The Author Martine Ford is a qualified yoga instructor and owner of Spirit Yoga Australia. A former professional dancer, she has an extensive background in ballet, contemporary, character, jazz as well as numerous yoga studies.
Martine trained to Advanced Level in Power Yoga with Duncan Peak of Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y). in the Baron Baptiste style of Power Yoga. She also has Certification in Advanced Kids Yoga from Zenergy Kids, Pre and Post Natal Yoga from The Yoga Institute and a Diploma in Dance from the Queensland Dance School of Excellence.

Martine is enjoying being able to share the many physical & spiritual benefits yoga offers with her varied students, and encourages them all to live from a place of peace, strength and clarity.


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