Island Adventures Aboard the Southern Bristol

| May 30, 2017


A magical tale of a seafarer’s life, in and around the town of Key West. A place that, if the tales aren’t true …. they ‘ought to be’.

Captain Eddie embarks on a day or two at sea, hoping to arrive at a safe harbor from an approaching hurricane. However, conditions rapidly deteriorate as the hurricane has spooled up to a category three and has taken a course directly for him and his lady. Forced to prepare the yacht for a risky task for which may save them … or get them killed, Captain Eddie makes a daring decision. Staring into the face of death, Captain Eddie gets a glimpse of, what it is like to die … so be prepared to batten-down the hatches for the wild ride you won’t easily forget!
Author’s note: This is a quick easy read of approximately 20 pages.


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