Author interview with Anthony G. Wedgeworth of ‘Fate of Thorik’

Author Interview with Anthony G. Wedgeworth

The Dovenar Kingdom’s ancient walls still stand firm after 650 years against the attacks by the Altered Creatures. However, a civil war has left the kingdom without leadership. Now the provinces are struggling to fend for themselves against local dangers, while Ambrosius reaches out to all species in order to unify them against a much greater growing threat. Gathering leaders from across the lands into a hidden location for a secret Grand Council meeting to determine a course of action, the mighty Ambrosius is betrayed by one among them. Escaping just in time, he is severely injured as all of the other members in the council are killed. As the lone survivor, he enlists a local hunter, Thorik Dain, to help find the traitor and prevent future attacks. Unfortunately, word has spread that it was Ambrosius who murdered the council for his own desires of power. Finding evidence that validate the rumors, it is up to Thorik to determine who to trust, who to follow, and who to stop from reaching the next point of destruction.



Who can be trusted? Anthony G. Wedgeworth and I discuss this central question woven into the pages of the first instalment in the Altered Creatures series, ‘Fate of Thorik’. Anthony thanks for taking the readers and myself on a journey through the development of the Altered Creatures series. Can you bring us to the point where this series first began?           

Playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the 70’s and 80’s, I made notes for a new realm for 40 years. During this time I developed all new species, 5000 years of evolution & migration of creatures and civilizations, and 2 unique magical clans that are frequently at odds. The 12 published stories in this new realm have characteristics of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Dark Crystal.



Wow, 40 years of work has gone into this realm. How did you keep track of the extraordinary notes that would inevitably accompany this much dedication into a single world?

I have a huge book of 5000 years of history of this realm and over 30 more books outlined.



5,000 years is a significant period of time. Did you research any real history to give yourself some ideas about what to put into this time?

Yes, I created various aspects of this new realm for 30 years by researching real life history from many different cultures as well as the science behind human and animal evolution.



As you’ve been working on this realm for 40 years, you have changed as a person and I’m sure your relationship to the realm has also changed. Have the changes in your life been reflected in your work?

Absolutely. Many of the characters are based on the different aspects of who I am and/or the different periods of my life. It gave greater depth to the characters. I’ve known most of these characters for 40 years as I’ve played AD&D and other fun games.



Over time did you find the personalities of the characters being changed by the events, or did the characters change the planned events?

I spent a great amount of time developing the realm, it’s history, and the story plots so that I could focus on the characters as I was writing.



With your strong connection to this realm could you ever see it making it to the screen? And if so, who do you think could play the main characters?

Tough call. I would say Asa Butterfield would do a great job as Thorik Dain



I think that Asa would do a great job. If you had the opportunity to sit down with him to make sure he clearly communicated the message of your story to the audience, what would you tell him?

Your fate is in your hands. Dare to see beyond what others only view and take action to reach for what you want out of life.



You’ve dared and took action to reach what you wanted in life. Was there anything about the process of getting this novel down on paper that you would take action on differently if you could do it over?

Nothing. It helped me become a better writer and the lessons learned were critical for me to grow.



What personal growth did you find during writing?

It helped my overcome many of my challenges with Dyslexia, which I’ve struggled with my entire life.



Was overcoming this struggle the most satisfying element of getting this book onto paper, or was something else more satisfying?           

The ability to tell a story that people could relate to and still find magical.



I’m very glad to hear that you’ve managed to tread that fine line between magic and relatability. Earlier you mentioned you have notes for at least 30 magical books. How have you been processing so far?           

The first series in the realm is completed (all 6 books) and now I’m working on the 2nd series (1 of those 6 is now published).



That awesome progress! What keeps drawing you back again and again to write down all of these tales?

For the love of it! Seriously. It fulfils me.



And how do you make sure you’ve planned out the love you want to share in each novel? Are you a planner? Do you know the ending before you begin?

I love using storyboards. Helps me visualize the story ahead of time. I write the ending first and the start back at the beginning.



Is there any music you like to switch on when you’ve got your visual in place and the task of the day is typing?

Lord of the Rings and Star Wars



Fantastic choices there. Do you ever find that despite the music motivation that you run into writer’s block? And how do you work around the block?

I switch gear from writing to art to marketing to outlining the next book. There is always something that can be worked on.



Is editing another one the tasks that fall into something that can be worked on, or do you prefer an editor’s involvement?

I do the mass majority until I feel I have a solid story and then I have great team of editors that bring the story to the next level. Once that’s done it goes out again for spelling and grammar editing.



With seven books under your belt we can see that you’ve successfully completed at least 7 final checks of spelling and grammar. Other than ensuring the words are always correct, do you have any other tips to share for other would-be authors looking to self-publish?

Reach out to others who have done it and let them give you advice how to get past the obstacles. Don’t pay thousands for a basement of books. Use a POD system whenever possible.



*Laughs* No-one wants a basement full of their own books! It sounds like you’ve really considered the publishing side well. Have you also turned your attentions towards developing your own author brand?

Already have it. I have a logo for the series, t-shirts, hats, etc.



With 30 ideas queued up, it’s clear to see that the use of a logo to visually tie all of your work together is only a good thing. Other than developing your own logo to stamp onto all of your books, do you have any advice for authors?

See beyond what others only view.



Is there a favourite line or a quote from your book that you feel shows this ability to see beyond while summarizing your work?

Your fate is in your hands



Anthony, thank for you sharing how you’ve placed your fate in your own hands in today’s interview, and I hope that you are able to share the ‘Fate of Thorik’ with readers.


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Fate of Thorik ( ASIN: B00OWJ76V6 )‘.

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