The Power of Tagging Your Book

Here at Its Write Now, we want to connect our reading community with the best free, discounted and generally awesome Kindle books that are out there to be read, with the discovered and undiscovered gems of the author and ebook world. For many readers, much of the judgement is done by the book’s cover, but we want to provide other avenues for readers to really read what they want, and one method we’re using on our site is by tagging books.

Why Should You Tag Your Book

With so many options available to promote your book, I’m sure that filling out another field on a book submission form just seems like another burden that takes you away from writing, but a few little keywords make it easier for:

  • Your ideal reader to find your book – We’re not saying you should be adding 100’s of keywords or sharing the ending of your book, but if you’re promoting a sweet romance book with a happy ending, why not let the reader know they’re going to have happy tears at the end of their read.
  • Promoting team to know how to promote your book – We love promoting books, and we try our best to work with the information provided, but often a little extra information provided in tags can help us paint those interesting little details into the picture of your book for the reader, which ultimately convinces them to pick up a copy.
  • Google Rankings – We use tagging across multiple places on Its Write Now to share information about your book with readers. And Google is also looking at this information to figure out how to present your book in the search results. We have pages dedicated to specific reads ranging from topics as diverse as dogs, to travel and even bed-time stories. To help Google know even more about your book, make sure your bed-time travelling dog is on all three of these lists.

Where We Use Tagging on

Currently we show tags associated with books on:

  • Individual book pages
  • Tag pages
  • Reading lists

The best way to see tags in action is to look at an example, so here’s one we prepared earlier with Lusia Marietta Gold’s book, Escape to Osprey Cove.

Tagging on Individual Book Pages

If you scroll to the bottom of the individual book page for Escape to Osprey Cove, or any other books currently listed on our site, you will find a tag section that lists all of the tag keywords for the book. This information allows the reader at a quick glance to see what your book is about and if it’s for them.

Example of Tags on Luisa Marietta Gold’s book page, Escape to Osprey Cove. All of the tags in the red box have their own individual tag pages (e.g. wholesome ). The tags with blue underlines additionally have a reading list associated with the tag (e.g. cozy mystery ).

Each of these keywords link to their very own tag page.

Tagging on Tag Pages

Tag pages simply list all of the books with a certain tag. While these pages aren’t the sexiest, we find that readers do find them a useful resource to locating what they want to read. Here are a few examples of some popular tag pages:

Tagging on Reading Lists

One of the unique benefits we offer at Its Write Now are reading lists. These are pages where all books with a particular popular tag are grouped together and promoted as a great fast reading option. Here the reader only has to scroll down to unravel all of the awesome books available for a specific term. Take the Cozy Mystery page for example, which is just bursting with mysterious cozy tales that are best read under a blanket on a cool winter’s day.

Example of Cozy Mystery Reading List. As we can see since Luisa’s book, highlighted in red, is currently on promotion, her book appears in both the ‘Current Free & Discounted Books’ and ‘Books from the Archives’ sections. Previous books with the cozy mystery tag, highlighted in blue in this picture are also displayed in this row, and the rows below.

How You Can Tag Your Book?

If you want to entice your readers to pick your book up with keywords, all you need to do when submitting your book for promotion is to fill out the Tag Your Book field on our book submission forms, as shown in the image below,.

You can enter your book keywords in the Tag Your Book field of the Free Book Submission form. This field also appears on both Standard and Premium promotions forms.

To your best promotion!

Have More Questions?

Have any other questions about how tagging your book will improve your book’s search-ability? Let us know via the contact form and we’ll answer the question for you.