Deeds: Gods from Men Episode 1

| July 18, 2013


Deeds: Gods from Men Episode 1

Unio Naturalis – EPISODE 1 OF 5 of Deeds: Gods from Men

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Protect Amanda. Stop Deeds.

This was Nick’s mission. Elegant in its simplicity. Protect his daughter Amanda, and stop the terrorist Deeds from succeeding in his plans, whatever they may be. Why couldn’t the CIA give him missions this simple?

But when ex-CIA agent Nick Teague fails at the first part of his mission and Deeds kills Amanda, Nick is left with one driving purpose: he will stop at nothing to bring Deeds to justice.

But all is not what he expects. Deeds holds an important secret, one that could change everything Nick knows about his life. Deeds knows what really happened to Amanda, and what it means for Nick’s future, and his past.

Now Nick must discover the truth about Amanda and find a way to stop Deeds before he brings Nick’s entire world crashing down.

Protect Amanda. Stop Deeds.

Deeds: Gods from Men is a work of serialized fiction in five parts. This is part 1 of the five-part series.

Sometimes described as a mixture between the television shows Fringe and 24, Deeds: Gods from Men tells a story where nothing is as it seems, and where everything can change with a single wish. Nick Teague has his work cut out for him if he ever hopes to stop the terrorist Deeds.

Deeds: Gods from Men in FIVE PARTS:

  1. Unio Naturalis –
  2. Putrefaction –
  3. Confronting the Shadow –
  4. The Dark Night of the Soul –
  5. Enantiodromia –

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“If I were to point to the perfect framework for what a “page-turner” looks like, I’d point right here. From the first sentence to the last, Deeds episode 1 is virtually impossible to put down. The author has crafted something incredibly original and gripping here, seamlessly blending hard drama, classic mystery, and crime thriller together in an intense adrenaline-shot of a story.” – filmmaker Tyler Hiott

“It has all the right elements suspense, fear, sympathy, romance, evil and good conflict throughout. All these elements are woven into an intriguing thriller mystery that kept me guessing!” – Kathy Goodwin

“Wow. That is the expression I am left with after being teased with this amazing first episode of the grander story that is yet to come! I am blown away by the intentional and real descriptions, the intense plot, and the sense of hidden connections within the plot yet to come.” – Ian Huxham

Protect Amanda. Stop Deeds. Download Deeds: Gods from Men NOW.


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