The Lady of Chains and Other Stories

| July 18, 2013


The Lady of Chains and Other Stories

“Remember; you have seventy-two hours to do the deed and not a moment longer.
Cut her throat and remove her heart. That, my girl, is the only way to destroy the
wretched creature.”

Greylock. A city supported by a network of scaffolding, bleeding rust and wheezing steam.
Patrolled by an army of ‘metal men’–creatures who’re designed for nothing more than to
kill and destroy. Nothing grows. Nothing truly lives.

Viola, a young orphan girl, has been thrust into this nightmarish world by the devious
Mrs Casket, caretaker of the mysterious tower and maid to the Lady of Chains, a
woman imprisoned without a sentence. A woman who almost single-handedly destroyed
the world . . .

Viola has been gifted with a task which could either see her demise or be her salvation.

But who is the Lady of Chains? And why does she insist that she is connected to Viola?
With the clock ticking and the metal men drawing near, Viola is about to learn that not
everything in Greylock is what it seems.

A spellbinding novelette with elements of steampunk.


Hansel and Gretel
Rogan and the Gargoyle
The Silent World

Also contains an preview of the up-coming horror novel, The Fragile Things.


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