Leaving West Virginia

| June 3, 2017


Leslie was bored as hell playing for her Uncle Ted’s, country western band in West, Virginia. And being a lesbian in West Virginia did not open a lot of social doors. Not only be a lesbian was tough, but playing boring country western riffs day in and day out was no picnic for Leslie because she loved jazz. But, the money was excellent until she had just totally had enough. Then Leslie made a decision that would change her life forever.


Olivia, I just loved ´Cop Licked,´and then I really loved, ´Finding My Self,´but this one Olivia you just did it all for me. What a change Leslie goes through in this romance adventure. I just love what happens when people finally get into the House of Romance and we all know, the one’s of us that have read the other books, we understand that the House of Romance is a code name never, ever used in any of the adventures. Thank you Olivia. Natalie, Manchester, The United Kingdom

I guess you might say this was a lesbian, threesome romance book. But you know what, I have purchased some threesome books that just end up being trash, but you made it seem so natural and clean and wholesome. And the story line was well developed with excellent surprises. As always, you did not let me down with your skills and I thank you again. And, thanks for your website and communication circles. Leah Ann, Pueblo, CO

I just loved your surprise band and surprise person that showed up. I won´t say more but it was extremely moving. I love the opportunities that opened up for Leslie once she let it happen. I can really relate to many of the things that were going on in her life, especially living in the geographic environment she called home. I love your stuff Olivia, and your messages too. The message in this book was obvious, but you didn´t beat me over the head with it. 5 Stars Olivia, Always. Nora, Liverpool, The United Kingdom

Simply the Best! Smashing! I´m still crying! Lucy, Parkersburg, West Virginia

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