Blood Alley (The Highwayman)

| July 18, 2013


Blood Alley (The Highwayman)

“… gasp, gasp, gimme a sec, let me catch my breath … WHAT. A. THRILLER!!! I read a lot and I mean A LOT … and I can honestly say that I have never, never read a more thrilling thriller than David Wisehart’s Blood Alley.
~Linda L. Roy, Amazon customer review

Buckle up for a high-octane, pulse-pounding thrill ride…

Could you survive a haunted highway?

Blood Alley is the deadliest road in America.

Some call it a death trap. Others say it’s haunted. Only the locals know the truth…

Blood Alley belongs to the Highwayman, a vengeful phantom who drives his ghost car at night to claim the souls of all who cross him.

Teenagers on their way to a funeral get delayed by engine trouble and ignore the warnings:

Don’t drive Blood Alley at night!

Four teenagers hit the road at sunset.

Will any survive to see the dawn?

What readers are saying:

“Well-written, suspenseful and frightening!”
~Mari-Rose Stolsig

“A lot of action and thrills!”

“One hell of a ride!”
~Mary Romero

“Good page turner!”

“A great thriller!”
~Periodical Gazette


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