Unraveled: Provenance- A Nixon Lockwood Thriller

| June 5, 2017


The note in his pocket read, “Adeline”. He couldn’t remember who she was or when he got the note.

After a night of heavy drinking, struggling detective, Nixon Lockwood, finds a note in his pocket. Clueless as to the origin of the message, Nixon sets off to find answers and finds more than he bargained for.
He stumbles across a murder victim. Someone is looking for him to take the fall, but why? The local police tell him to stay out of it, but the investigator in him won’t allow it. Nixon crawls down a rabbit hole of drugs, mafia bosses, and suspense.

Who is Adeline? Will she hold the answers Nixon is looking for or will she just raise more questions?

Provenance is a fast-paced thriller that will appeal to fans of the detective thriller and pulp thriller genres. As Nixon closes in on the answers to this mystery, the suspense level ramps up to eleven making for an edge of your seat ride to the end.

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