Professor Birdsong’s Weird Criminal Law, Vol 5: Way Out West

| June 19, 2017


Professor Birdsong uses his expertise to bring you over 101 weird criminal law stories from Way Out West. They are all true stories! This book is sure to deliver some delightful humor. Stories include the one about a man who attacks a gay couple with a wrench for dyeing their poodle pink; the story of the 72-year-old woman and her 62-year-old boyfriend arrested for having sex behind a barbeque joint; the story of the man turned down on his request to appear on the Price is Right who stormed into a San Francisco law firm with a phony bomb tapped to his chest to protest; a panty thief who walked into Victoria’s Secret and walked out with 130 pair of panties valued at $16,067; the story of a Colorado woman who beat up her ex-boyfriend with her artificial leg; and a wide variety of other stories about weird and stupid criminals.

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