Above It All: A Toolbox to Let Go as You Go (Pure Power)

| July 19, 2013


Above It All: A Toolbox to Let Go as You Go (Pure Power)

By developing exceptional skill sets, you can live above the stress and chaos that is “ordinary life.” Conway Books are packed with practical step-by-step techniques with clear how-to lessons so you can be the master of your own life! Conway provides a huge toolbox of techniques to let go as you go!

Day-to-day, life can be a relentless quagmire. There are endless things to do, places to be, things happening all around us… You may feel like slowing down for even a moment will drown you in an avalanche of way-too-much. Just keeping up is enough of a challenge! Maybe your to-do lists are enough to keep up on tasks… but how in the world can you rise Above It All?

How do you make so many of the trials, temptations, difficulties, problems and challenges actually help you? How do you keep your heart and mind guarded while you wade into this day-to-day stuff. Sure, all that stuff has to be done – but why does it have to weigh you down?

Enter Scot Conway, Ph.D. with a powerful, simple way to launch you to exhilarating heights!

You CAN rise above it all. You can live a life where you feel that soaring feeling of being elevated far above the swamp.

Triple-E is an actual technique: a systematic, simple, direct approach that lets you take the relentless events of the day and actually launch upward out of it. Where most teachers just teach a perspective, Conway actually teaches a clear, step-by-step, easy to learn process! You will learn his three-step system: Embrace, Elevate, Expand. He walks you through each level and explains how it works. He teaches you to “climb the ladder” and what ladder, exactly, you are climbing.

He explains Treasure Hunting and how you actually do it. His simple tool of “positive counterpart” saves us from the very common mistake of assuming the opposite of a bad thing must be a good thing. The opposite of a bad thing is often another bad thing!

Conway understands that we all need options. To help you, he gives you a huge toolbox of techniques. Pick the one that is easiest for you and have something to use right away! With ten techniques, at least one will be easy for you! He even shows you an eleventh system to build your own technique!

Above It All really is A Must-Have, Powerfully Simple Way to Launch to Exhilarating Heights from the Quagmire Below Commonly Known as “Life.” Using any of the simple techniques breaks us out of the relentlessness of day-to-day life and really does let us soar above it all!

Once we have these secrets, exhilarating heights await! Thanks to Conway, you will become a Master of Life!

Emotional Genius and Freedom Found are powerful companion tools. Get the complete set by Scot Conway!


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