Romance Collection: Boxed Set of 3 Clean and Wholesome Romance Books

| June 7, 2017


Escape the stresses and strains of modern life for a while and be transported to romantic locations like the magical island where one couple found peace in their lives, or the Valley of a Thousand Hills in South Africa, or the happy forest of love where Mike and Hazel first found true love.

Collection of three popular romances in a boxed set: Romance on the Island, Romance in the Valley and Romance in the Forest.

Inspirational, Clean and Wholesome Romances to uplift and entertain. Terry has compiled three of her short romance books into one book.

Readers who have read Terry’s short stories talk about feeling uplifted and happy after putting down one of her books.

Terry’s stories all have romantic and beautiful settings, but they give an additional bonus because they are packed with clues to how to have happier relationships with your loved ones. We can still achieve love and old-fashioned romance despite a modern setting.

Romance on the Island:
Desperately in love with Jim but desperately unhappy in her job, Jasmine knew that something had to change or all her romantic dreams that had just come true were about to become nightmares.

“Jim, you’ve made our dreams come true!” whispered Jasmine through her quiet tears.

Jim realized that these were tears of relief. All the stress and frustration that his sweet Jaz had been bottling up for such a long time were flowing out. He had been fired that morning, and this sudden change had spurred him to rise to the challenge and break free from the invisible chains of expectations that had been caging him and his Jasmine all this time.

Join Jasmine and Jim and read your first story in this collection, followed by Romance in the Valley and Romance in the Forest. You will get all three stories in this one boxed set.


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