Cherished To The Utmost

| June 7, 2017


From the windswept, rocky shoreline of the North of England to the green and rugged Scottish highlands, Jack pursues Emma with a tender passion that she shares, but fears as well. She has carried an emotional burden since the unspeakable circumstances of her childhood. For years she has shared the hurt that her parents have kept concealed. Emma has learned that she cannot be loved.

In places and circumstances she least expects, she discovers the eternal love that is revealed to her, and determines to know it completely. Through the wisdom of the scriptures and the ancient Celtic prayers of her Scottish and Irish heritage, a childlike faith begins to return to her. Slowly, gradually, the forgotten seeds of trust work their way within her bruised and broken spirit. She knows that she must be healed by the Redeemer of the world.

Cherished to the Utmost is a powerful testimony of the unfailing, unconditional and forgiving love of God.


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