The Beach Hut

| July 19, 2013


The Beach Hut

Ella Peters used to enjoy her good life, including the little things like the first buds on a newly planted rose. But when her husband leaves her, she struggles to find pleasure in anything.
However Ella is determined to rebuild her life and makes plans for a fresh start on the coast. But she is soon to realise that no matter how far you run, you can’t escape yourself.

Libby Pinkney thinks she has life under control; with two well-behaved teenagers, the biggest house with the best sea view and an increasingly impressive presence within the local community.
But when a new neighbour moves into the old cottage next door, her well–ordered life threatens to tumble around her like a house of cards.

Ella’s beach hut, on England’s beautiful Hampshire coast stands bravely against the elements. Inside, it is as individual as its owner; a cosy home from home, a love nest and a place to shelter from the sun or rain. It plays witness to events that bring joy and tragedy and provides a little retreat for those who seek solace there.

The Beach Hut is an ideal book for summer reading or holiday reading. It has drama, humour, friendship and romance.

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