A Mother In Need Of Your Help

| June 8, 2017


The purpose of this collection of short how to books is to raise awareness and money for a young mother whose life met with tragedy on December 14th, 2014. She had taken her ten-month-old daughter to see Santa with her daughter’s father, and from there on to see his grandparents when the car accident that would forever impact her and her family’s life happened. The doctors had originally believed that the damage done to her spinal area were so severe she would never be able to breathe again on her own. Miraculously, she is not only able to breathe on her own, but has some semblance of mobility thanks to her determination to not just survive, but to be there for her daughter.

With the aid of her electrical wheelchair she can get around, although she needs someone to place her hand on the control. Due to medical advancements, there is a procedure (epidural stimulation) that would possibly enable her to return function to her hips, knees, and ankles, as well as improve her overall body strength. Her story and GoFundMe page link are inside.

It has been noted many times that a society can only be as good as the hearts of its citizens. That a community needs to band together for society to progress. So often, it is easy to allow bureaucrats to worry about the health of the nation, and this unfortunately seems to result in a disconnect between us as neighbors and families. It seems that we can get so caught up in the struggles of our own daily lives we forget that what makes us strong as a society. A healthy, vibrant society that shares a common interest in the health and welfare of those beyond our immediate households.

I want to do my part, and that is where this book comes into play. I am giving this collection of four short how to books to you free of charge. It is my hope that you find value in in this book, and can find it within yourself to help this mother. To help this daughter know the simple joy of having her mother hug her. Such a simple thing most of us take for granted.
Back on that day of the accident, a young couple whose dreams were so full of promise shattered just after leaving Santa. Let us now pull together as a community and be Santa. Let us give this family a gift that is worth so much more than any material possession could ever hold. Let’s give this young woman some semblance of her old life back. Let’s give her little daughter memories of a mother that no child should be without.

I cannot express my thanks enough for any help you can find in your heart to give to her and her family.

Books included:
Essential Oils for a Healthier You
Eight Life Hacks to a Healthier You
Paleo Diet Reference Book
Dog Owner’s Manual


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