Perfect Anastasia

| June 9, 2017



This is the PERFECT scary short story to sober you up for life.

Andy Moretti doesn’t have much luck with girls. But tonight, things are different. Tonight he’s met beautiful Anastasia. And she’ll go home with him, too. On one condition: Andy Moretti picks up drugs for her. 

It’s simple enough. Just jump into the dealer’s car and exchange the money for the merchandise.

What could go wrong?

This short horror story is part gritty urban psychological thriller, part surreal dreamscape. It is a frightening tale of lust, unrequited love and excess deep within contemporary London’s black, beating heart.

About The Author

Jack Binding is a Londoner living in Sydney. Inspired by writers such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, JG Ballard and Martin Amis, Jack writes gritty, dark fiction that combines horror, fantasy and twisted, black humour. 

Perfect Anastasia can also be found in the collection Pills: 18 Short Stories.


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