| June 9, 2017


In the Kingdom of Singri, when the twins Abhira and Adhira started from their village Sendhura to their capital city, to make a request to their King Bhupad to look into the poverty situation of their village, little did they know that their journey would turn into an adventure to save, not just their village, but their entire kingdom. Eventually the adventure becomes a thrilling hardship that might even cost their lives. In every step of their journey, they end up with more and more surprises and shocking events, and find that it is not just their kingdom, but all the other kingdoms’ survival are at stake. In this journey, they have to budge to the greedy needs of their King’s arrogant royal advisor Gungara. They have to go through the extreme hardship training given by a strong and valiant Commander Hindherwa. Just when the mystery gets revealed that behind Gungara’s arrogance and power is Hindherwa’s army, yet another mystery unfolds that there exists a mastermind in a secretly guarded place code named as mine. As the hidden events of the past unfolds, every event points to a soft spoken with no interest in life King Darshaka, the King of Thalaba, as the mastermind in the mine, yet no one could find it completely convincing. Who is the real master mind? Can a large scale war and heavy bloodshed be averted? Dive into the historical fiction thriller.


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