The Unnamed Rune

| June 12, 2017


He is innocent but condemned to die, simply because he was born with the cursed “Stain of Death”.

Although Rucker bears a dreaded birthmark, he is one of the lucky ones; one of the few not slain at birth as the law decrees. And now, at seventeen, his sudden ability to draw upon cataclysmic elemental magic will change the world forever.

He is brave, honorable, and determined to become a great swordmaster. But he is also twice cursed. The first is his fault — a personal flaw caused by an inability to harness his rage. The second is beyond his control — a gift of the gods, thrust upon him because of who he is.

An eons-old prognostication from a gifted seer proclaimed the coming of a Child of Stain: a Human born with a mark called a Blood-Rune. The augury revealed that Fate and Destiny would ally to produce a champion who would be the paradoxical bane of an immortal, albeit insane, sorcerer called The Mad Mage; the most powerful magic-user ever. Because of his fear of the prophecy, The Mage used the vilest constructs of black-magic to impose the death-edict, which forced the murder of millions of birthmarked babies over the past four millennia.

No one knows when the long-awaited champion will arrive or who it might be. No name was given.

Over the ages, this promised hero has been referred to simply as…


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