An Infinite Mystery

| June 10, 2017


SUMMARY: A romantic adventure mystery.
There is a wry smile on Mozart’s face and Jack Musgrave shakes his head as he stares at the old oil painting and wonders for the umpteenth time what great secret amused the maestro. Little did he realise that his quest to solve the mystery during the next 30 days would lead him to the discovery of many invaluable old Mozart manuscripts and involve him in robbery, murder, witchcraft and a number of sensual seductions.

The enthusiasm of his beautiful young assistant Virginia in searching for old clues and documents relevant to the Mozart mystery often leaves her prey to lustful old men, forcing her to either submit to their desires or lose the trail.

The mystery deepens when the young couple arrive closer to unravelling the long trail left by Mozart over two centuries earlier, until they come under the spell of an evil old witch from which there seems no escape.

Their travels lead them from London, to Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Geneva, Venice, New York and even to the French Alps as they find more clues, more old manuscripts, and meet many interesting people with ancient connections to Mozart’s life and music.

When they reach the end of their trail, Jack and Virginia are still unable to solve the mystery of Mozart’s smile and it takes the genius of a most amazing person to show them what they could not see even though it was in plain sight all the time.

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