Hollywood Adventures: The Nurses Tale (A Modern Romance)

| June 10, 2017


Hollywood Adventures: The Nurse’s Tale (A Modern Romance)

Kansas-born nurse Emily Kent comes to Los Angeles with baggage: two suitcases, and a parasitic boyfriend named Paul. She’s in the city chasing a plum job: personal nurse and attendant for the mother of hunky Hollywood superstar Damon Michaels. Paul, meanwhile, is more interested in satisfying his appetite for young, pretty Hollywood hopefuls. Emily gets the job, but as soon as she gets back to her hotel, she catches her boyfriend of four years in bed with a teenage girl. Devastated by his betrayal, she dumps him and flees, then falls apart. But her despair is short-lived, as help and support arrives from an unexpected quarter: her new boss, Damon.

Weeks later, settled into her new job, she starts to feel hope for a better future…as well as a growing attraction toward Damon, with whom she has become close friends. When his Cupid-playing mother hints that their attraction is mutual, she’s shocked and delighted. But unfortunately, faithless Paul is stalking and harassing her, refusing to accept a breakup that he didn’t initiate. When Damon finally asks her out on their first date, she happily accepts–not realizing that Paul is on her trail. Things come to a head in an explosive confrontation between the new lovers and her possessive, threatening ex. To win free of him, normally timid Emily will need all her new-found courage, and the support of her new lover.


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