Grow a Pair : Harnessing Authentic Masculine Power to Restore Love and Balance to Your Life and Relationships

| June 11, 2017


The benefits of transmuting our false male power dynamics and stepping into our true authentic masculine potential are incalculable. Love, happiness, wealth, success, are things most of us continue to strive for, and yet the truth is that true love, real happiness, guilt-free wealth and the kind of success we really crave, are only possible when we step truly into our self-mastered authentic masculine power and authority.

Every path to enlightened self-mastery has one thing in common – they all lead to the condition of being in alignment with universal natural law. The choice we have always been faced with is to align with natural law, grow in love and be reborn each day, or ignore the law, decline in love and die a slow death each day.

In Grow a Pair, Greg Paul shares a comprehensive overview of the natural loving laws of the universe as they relate to personal evolution, looking at how to apply these laws most efficiently in pursuit of your own self-mastery, and how to develop the qualities which will help you apply those laws most effectively in your life.

Greg says: “In our hearts we have begun to dream a new dream for ourselves and the world. But at the heart of all that stands between us and this new dream lies the divide between the sexes; the divide between the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves and between ourselves and others. Healing this not only opens up all the doors to a loving, abundant and love-based life, it is also the most natural, organic and simple global solution to a world spinning out of control. And it’s much less abstract than simply ‘awakening’ – it’s down-to-earth, tangible, describable and each of us can easily do it now.”


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