The Dead Woods: A gripping horror short story

| June 11, 2017


The Dead Woods is a short horror story about dealing with loss and facing the evil of the Dead Woods.

Ever since Nari was a young boy sitting on his grandpa’s lap, he has been told never to go into the woods. Now that the love of his life has left him, he staggers drunkenly into the Dead Woods. Ignoring the advice of the bravest man he has ever known, his grandpa, because he has to know why she left him with just a note saying “be right back”.

He just wants to talk to her one more time. He’s heard the old wives tales about Raem and how Raem can help you communicate with others. He so desperately wants to speak to his wife that he doesn’t tell anyone where he is going and why for fear that they would try and stop him.

Once there, everything seems fine for a while. Until he gets deeper in the woods…Is he imagining what he is seeing or is it real. Is that dead rabbit really moving on it’s own? They don’t call it the Dead Woods for no reason.

The Dead Woods can play tricks on your senses. Is that really his wife and can he finally ask her why she left. Why is it so silent and where did this fog come from- did Nari make the biggest mistake of his life by going into the Dead Woods?

Pick up your copy today to find out how Nari’s loss and venture into the Dead Woods ends.


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