The Superior Job Search Guide: Get your Dream job, Beating any Competition even Being Less Qualified by using Mental Game Techniques!

| June 11, 2017


Forbes reports in 2015 South Africa was the country facing the highest unemployment rate worldwide of about 25.50%. I am not from South Africa but I did suffer from unemployment. There are a lot of countries where getting a job becomes amazingly difficult. I passed about 2 years of my life with no real job, I had certificates, I did. But was not employed. More than 100 application letters written, 25+ interviews made … and still no job. No real one at all. I still had to struggle, doing some little jobs aside so as to meet my bills but it just couldn’t continue.
I couldn’t get to pay my debts, I had to get a real job and as fast as I could. I went through a lot of experiences to bring up what I call the Superior Job Search Guide, this guide is the exact step to step technique I used so as to find myself in a situation where I was the one who had to choose for which firm I’ll work for. I would be happy if anyone did find this book helpful however remember nothing can be useful to you unless you really want it to be.
This book is based on the best human mental games so as to get a job, go and beat the competition hands down and get your dream job.

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