Author interview with Nataisha T Hill of ‘Partially Broken Never Destroyed III’

Author Interview with Nataisha T Hill


Kayla and Bryan are trying to find a happy medium in their relationship, but people they once trusted continue to put their business in the streets. With all the snitching going on, the wedding they’re planning for may turn into a funeral.



Will the wedding for Kayla and Bryan be a happy occasion? Nataisha T Hill, author of ‘Partially Broken Never Destroyed III’ has kindly set aside some time to chat with me today about the trial and tribulations this couple face before they reach the alter. Nataisha, what sparked the idea to write this novel?

This is the third part of a series. The initial book started from realistic experiences.



Experiences from your own life?

Yes, especially the first book.



And I imagine by basing your novel on realistic experiences you wouldn’t need to delve into the depths of the Internet for research, correct?

Yes, everything came from imagination and experiences.




When you cast your mind back to the first book, when your characters were first coming to life, do you think they were shaped more by your imagination, or by the events that you knew were going to occur within the plot?

It definitely was a mixture of both. The more I got into the characters, the easier it was to form the plot.



As you improved and the plot became easier, was it easier share a central point? And if you did have a goal or ideal to share, what was it?

Never give up on love.



Never quitting on love is a wonderfully strong message. Knowing what you know now, would you tackle this book and the message in a different way?

Every situation rather bad or good can be a learning experience, so I have no regrets.



Can you tell us a little about your biggest learning?

I learned to not make the main characters appear as if they were invincible.



Was building on your knowledge about character creation one of the most satisfying aspects of putting this story down on paper, of did you find more value in something else?

Something else, I loved the way that the story flowed from the second part of the series to the fourth part of the series.



Are you still riding that flow from this novel towards another addition to this series, or have you picked up a new writing flow?

I am working on a stand-alone novel outside of the series.



What do you think keep enticing you to write after you’ve complete your four part series?

I write because it helps me to release. I have a very vivid imagination and I love the fact that I can create my own world.



Is note taking an essential part of creating new worlds?

Yes, I have several stories that only made it to the first chapter.



Okay, so it sounds like you don’t necessary plan the end of the story before you start writing.

The direction definitely becomes more clear around the middle of the book, but I generally have an idea when I begin where I want it to go.



Are there any writing rituals that help you progress from the start of the book to that middle point of the book where that clarity is more pronounced?

I write whenever creativity hits me. It may be a character line or even a new book, but I always keep something handy just in case.



Does music help your creativity?

I don’t listen to music when I write. Music is another love of mine, so therefore, it creates a distraction.



How do you tackle distractions from writing?

I may go a day or two without writing and just let the creativity come to me.



I really like your approach to allow the creativity to build up and push you towards writing. Is your editing handled in the same way, or do you prefer other eyes to edit your work?

I do a part of the editing and then send it off to a professional editor.



As someone who has written several books, have you started to work on your own author brand to pull your work together and show your readers who you are?

I have a publishing company called TaiLorMade Books. In the future, I plan to help authors publish through my company.



Cool, approaching branding through the publishing side would be great fun. Has your day job helped you develop skills that would by useful in your publishing company?

I am a senior account representative for a private company. It doesn’t influence my writing at all.



Okay, so the skills you’re planning to offer in the future through your company has been developed from your own publishing experiences. As a future publisher, are there any top tips that you’ve learnt which might help authors currently trying to tackle the challenges of writing and self-publishing?

Be patient and never give up. People honestly do judge a book by its cover, so make sure yours is good.



Yep, people do judge a book by it’s over, but if the content is awesome they will overlook a less than awesome cover.  One thing I try and make sure with all of these interviews is that our readers haven’t only been judged by the cover of their books,  so to share a little more of your personality let’s move to our quick fire questions. Let’s inject uncover some new sides of Nataisha T Hill starting with the question: what is your favourite quote?

Be good to yourself and better to others.



Who decides what morality is?




What other careers could you see yourself enjoying?

I would love to act.



Getting to play dress up and be someone else for a short time does sound like crazy amounts of fun! Keeping on the acting vibe, if your novel was translated to the screen, who would you pick to play the central characters?

I think Sanaa Lathan could play Kayla and Morris Chestnut could play Bryan.



I’m not sure if I’ve seen the work or either of those two, but I will note it down to check them out. What is your zodiac sign?




Do you have any philosophies that you live by?

If you put out good energy, good energy will come back.



I really like that idea putting the good out into the world and seeing it return. On the idea of energy, where is the line between insanity and creativity?

It’s all subjective.



What came first, the chicken or the egg?

You would think the chicken.



Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how you look at things, I’ve had several opposing views to that questions so far! Have you tangoed in the snow?




Maybe it’s something to add to your bucket list, because I think that it sounds like a tonne of fun! Are you left or right handed?

Depends on the task.



Ambidextrous with the ability to pick the right hand for the job, that’s very handy. *Laughs* Ahh, please excuse my awful puns. If all of the world is a stage, where does the audience sit?

At the back of the stage.



How are the colours in rainbows made?

Through a spectrum.



Full points! What happens when you get scared half to death twice?

Just know it’ll probably be a third time.



*Laughs* That’s so true! What is your favourite word?




Awww, it’s lovely to acknowledge blessings, and I hope that you’ve found ‘Partially Broken Never Destroyed III’ to be a blessing in your life. Is there a single line that you can leave the readers with today to show them in a small way, how you’ve been blessed by the third instalment of your series?

“Why are you so surprised? Sit down, relax, and have another drink on me. That’s a 1969 champagne you just spit out, Honey.”



I’ll drink to that! Nataisha, thanks for sharing the blessings from your writing career with us today and I wish you the best of luck brining your writing career to new heights.

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