Win with Excel

| July 19, 2013


Win with Excel

You can start learning how to use Excel immediately!

    • No Excel experience required


  • Excel terms described



  • Practical, hands-on, and easy to use



This easy-to-follow book focuses on helping Excel beginners to use the program immediately, with minimum effort.
Step-by-step instructions are used to explain everything; from rows, columns, and cells to formulas, sorting, pivot tables and much, much more.
Win with Excel will alleviate the frustrations that come with using Excel for the first time!

>>>Getting to grips with Excel has never been made this easy.

Do any of the statements below apply to you?

    • I have never used a spreadsheet before.


  • I am using spreadsheets but don’t really know what they can do.



  • I am using MS Word with tables and wonder if I should maybe change to Excel.



  • I hate Excel – my company wants me to do all sorts of stuff in it – it takes hours and I battle.



  • I want to know more about Excel but when I ask my friends or colleagues, they either look at me funny or explain so fast that I don’t have a clue about what they are doing.



If any of these statements describes you, you will find value in Win with Excel.


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