Echoes: Young Adult (The Pria Chronicles Book 1)

| June 12, 2017


When Sensing Creatures is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

A Young Adult Fantasy Fiction novel

I know that finding the time to read is important; life is busy and time is precious. You won’t be disappointed. Take a breather. Take time for you. Download today.

Download now to join Michael Hilton in his paranormal world of stranger things. 

Michael’s mysterious powers emerged after being hospitalized when he was six. Along with reading minds, he also developed the ability to sense emotional and physical echoes and auras of people around him. Fantastic! 

However, there is a darker side to his powers.  Unearthly, dangerous monsters that once were hidden from view were no longer invisible to him, and were living incognito in his town.

He grows up in relative self-inflicted isolation from a world that simply could not accept there are very real monsters everywhere.  To protect himself, he spends his entire life pretending that he cannot sense them, but a chance encounter with a powerful creature unravels all the avoidant and safety strategies he had meticulously constructed.

Using his powers, Michael learns that what appeared to be a homeless woman in the park is actually a vile twitching creature called a Gibbering. She demands to know about a mark on his arm which identifies him as a person with remarkable powers. She threatens to know who marked him and Michael and his arrogant cat Henry narrowly escape.

Moments after he flees from the wretch, a second creature with fire lapping at the tips of her hair stands in his bedroom, teleported from another dimension. How had she learned of the terrifying encounter so quickly? Were the creatures working together? Mind control forces him to sign a contract requiring him to express in writing his deepest, darkest secrets. His powers are exposed which initiates the unraveling of his carefully crafted protections and sets in motion a series of events that Michael cannot stop.

It becomes evident that the creatures are gathering and watching in greater numbers than ever before.  Michael realizes that a mesmeric, beautiful girl may be the potential target of their attention.  He is compelled to keep careful watch from a distance since she is involved with charismatic Greyson.  Without understanding the mystery of their complicated and special connection, Michael falls helplessly in love with Avery who has some impressive, mysterious powers of her own. 

How can Michael protect the girl he loves without fully exposing his secrets and risking everyone and everything in the process?

Why you need to download my book right now? It’s something NEW!

  1. You will not find coffins, garlic or crosses in my books. 
  2. You will not find silver bullets, morphing dogs or things with wings. 
  3. You will not find the “same-old, same-old”, “been here, done that” adventures and plotline
  4. In my pages, you will find powers, beautiful and horrific creatures with true agendas and plotlines that drive the story and make the characters do some unthinkable things. Heartache, forbidden love and romance with a sprinkle of the unknown. 
  5. The storylines and species of creatures were created by me just for you and will instantly draw you in.

Will Michael learn why creatures are stalking him and how to conceal his powers?


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