Grand-Kitty and the Search for New York

| June 15, 2017


Meet Grand-Kitty, an old man who has too many cats to count, and his three favorite cats, New York, Amsterdam, and Paris! The adventure begins when New York doesn’t come home in time for lunch one day. Is something wrong? Grand-Kitty sets out to find New York, along with Paris, Amsterdam, and three good-hearted neighborhood kids. As it turns out, finding the lost cat is only the beginning of their problems—now they must rescue her from the top of a very tall tree! How many people will it take to get New York down? See for yourself in this delightful story about teamwork, friendship, and helping others!
Inspired by a true story in which the authors worked together with others to rescue a cat from a high ceiling in their office, this delightful narrative concludes with three interactive story-based activities, including how to make a “cardboard television!”

We dedicate our book to one brave red headed cat, to cats everywhere, and to all cat and animal lovers.

About Elevate your Child’s Strengths Book Series:
The book “Grand-Kitty and the Search for New York” is part of a series of books entitled “Elevate Your Child’s Strengths”, which empowers children and helps them to develop a core set of strengths such as kindness, cooperation, and gratitude.

“Elevate Your Child’s Strengths” book series also include the books: “Grandpa Hat and the Best Game of All”,”Goldilocks and the Three Bearfish”, “Lucky and the Magic Ball”, “Lost Ricci-Kitty Returns to the Palace”, “Kenji Kangaroo’s Surprises”,“Kanga-Ruby kangaroo’s Surprises” and “Surprises at the Kangaroo Kingdom”.

This book series encourages children to develop their inner strengths by using the abilities and talents they already possess. We want to to help children to fulfill their potential with joy and enthusiasm, and what better way than by distributing a colorful series of whimsical adventures that children will enjoy, while simultaneously learning important life lessons and developing key social skills?

The specific focus of “Grand-Kitty and the Search for New York” is on the power of collaboration and teamwork, but many other important qualities, such as friendship, creativity, individualism, the power of a positive attitude, and kindness toward animals, are also stressed.

About the Authors:
Dr. Bella Bleicher and Lavi Sigman are facilitators, lecturers, consultants and mentors in the fields of entrepreneurship, motivation and creativity for leading international firms. They have grown in this practice both together and separately, developing different methods for management, entrepreneurship,innovation, and emotional skills.

Lavi Sigman and Bella Bleicher have joined forces to develop a training method named “Elevate your Strengths”. The method has been developed for years by them, based on broad, interdisciplinary theoretical research and exhaustive field work.This method, used with both adults and children, focuses on the development of motivation and self-management with the help of using our inner strengths.These skills can help anyone anywhere to reach their fullest potential.

Dr. Bella Bleicher is a business consultant,life coach, lecturer on innovation and business management, holistic healer, author of business books and the co-developer of an international training method for creative thinking-“Think like a Zebra”. She has an academic background in education and business management.

Lavi Sigman is an organizational consultant,a lawyer specializing in technology and innovation, and a start-up entrepreneur in the field of health and medicine. He has a substantive academic background in psychology, organizational consultation, law and technological entrepreneurship. Lavi is an author and a mentor and conducts workshops in the field of cognitive psychology.

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