The Adventure of the Enchanted Rabbit: Children’s Book Ages 3-5

| June 17, 2017


A Story of Courage and Faith for Ages 3-5.

In a distant woods, far below the tall trees and big bushes, there lived a family of little rabbits and the youngest was named Jenny. Jenny often shared her food with her brothers and sisters. But, sadly, they did not share with her. And Jenny often asked herself, “Where’s mine for me?”

Through an act of Fate, and an enchanted night, Jenny must perform a great deed of Daring and Courage. And she must keep her wits about her, or her whole family will perish! How does Jenny –- a little bunny lost in the woods –- accomplish this great deed? And how do all her wishes come true in the process?

You can discover the answers yourself in this charming story that teaches the principles of Courage, Sharing, and Compassion. Send your children off to bed with thoughts of possibility and self-empowerment. This is the perfect, fun children’s book for instilling confidence and hope in young hearts.

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