Therapy Through Journaling: Be Your Own Savior

| June 17, 2017


This book will help you: ? Overcome your fears ? Escape from traditional therapy ? Live truly free ? Organize your thoughts ? Discover life lessons ? Analyze your past, live in the present, change your future! ?
A personal guide for the year 2016 … And beyond!

Therapy Through Journaling: Be Your Own Savior is a step by step guide that teaches you how to use the habit of journaling to process their emotions in a healthier manner and redefine their sense of self. This book explores the therapeutic benefits of journaling in all its facets, going into depth on why writing in our journals has such a profound effect on our minds and lives. Journaling is doable from home, inexpensive, and far more beneficial than most people realize. Those looking to try an alternative therapy solution that allows them to be their own therapist will love this book!


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