Uncle Bing’s Childrens Book Collection

| June 17, 2017


Are you looking for interesting stories for a beginner or an early reader? Then look no further than UNCLE BING’S CHILDRENS BOOK COLLECTION.

Uncle Bing is an experienced children’s book author with only one goal in mind, create stories that imparts meaning and moral to children. His books help shape children’s character through interesting and entertaining stories.

Uncle Bing presents to you a once in a life time offer! His ebook collection which involves five precious kids books ($2.99 each) along with amazing bonuses($5.04) at an unbelievably low price.

Don’t forget to grab the offer asap!

How this story collection is useful?
-Perfect for reading aloud
-Perfect for bedtime stories
-Excellent for early and beginner readers
-Fun for the entire family
-Includes lessons and morals about life, friendship and love
-Children can practice their reading skills

Each book contains tons of animal facts,jokes and fun activities!

Danny The Dolphin:

Follow the adventures of Danny dolphin. Danny is a naughty kid who never listens to his parents or go to school every day. But one day unexpectedly,Danny’s teacher changes.The strict and scary Peter sir comes to the story plot.The next day,Peter sir was taking class and Danny comes in late to school.What happens next? What will Peter sir say? Does Danny turn out to be his favourite student? Does Danny make new good friends? Find out more in this book.

Wesley The Whale:

Follow the adventures of Wesley whale.Wesley is a naughty kid who never listens to his parents.One day the young Wesley and his friends decide to go on an adventure all by themselves.What happens next? What grave dangers are expecting them? Will they make it out alive? Does they become good boys finally? Find out more in this book.

Andy The Alligator:

Follow the adventures of alligator Andy.The story plot is about Andy,a rude alligator who never respects anyone.Due to his bad behaviour,no one in the river liked Andy.He had no friends and lived alone.Things started to change one summer.The summer heat was high and the food became scarce.Andy who never learned to hunt was in serious trouble.He couldn’t find food.As the hunger intensified,Andy began to beg other alligators.But none gave him food.Andy turned weak and pale.He was about to die of hunger.That’s when the old John comes to his life.What happens next? Will John save Andy? Will Andy change? Will Andy turn out to be an alligator others can look up to? Find out more in this book.


Follow Henry’s adventures in the dino world.Henry is young and it comes the time when he has to make some important decisions about his future! Will he succumb to the peer pressure or follow his dream? Find out more in this book.


Follow Henry’s adventures in the dino world.The story plot is about a young dino who decided to follow his passion. With the help of his friends, he embarks on a new life adventure.The story deals with the twists and turns occuring in Henry’s life.At the end, Will he be able to fulfill his dream? Will he succeed in his journey? Will he have the support of his friends? Find out more in this book.

Free moral stories inspired from Aesop’s fables.The moral stories are about the adventures of an ant called Andy and his experiences.

Fun games and puzzles! As the second bonus,you will get access to several fun puzzles including solve the mazes!

That’s about 5 fun and interesting children’s books along with some awesome bonuses!

This is really awesome! But how much is it worth?
It’s worth $19.99 in total!

But as a part of my book promotion,I’m now selling this children’s book collection for only $4.99.
YES! That’s 75% off from the actual price.

Grab your copy now itself because this promotion won’t be running for much long!

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