The Book of Habits: How to Break Bad Habits with Meditation and Develop Strong Mindset and Self-Discipline

| June 18, 2017


Get Rid Of The Bad Habits And Take Control Of Your Life Today!

Bad habits, it seems that all of us have them, even if we do not want to admit to it. We may find that we overeat, strive for perfection, are too serious, gamble, smoke, drink too much, use drugs, spend too much time on social media, participate in negative self-talk, let other people’s opinions affect how we feel about ourselves, oversleep regularly, never say no, try to multi-task, make excuses, or avoid exercise.

No matter what the reason for your addiction, whether you are benefiting from it or if you have an addictive personality, this book is going to provide you with the answers that you need. You are going to learn how you can break these habits finally and for good. How you can change your life by breaking these habits and how you can do so without feeling guilty.

You’re About To Discover…

Why you are continuing your habits, how you can break them using a variety of different techniques, and how you can create new habits to replace those old ones.

In This Book, You Are Also Going To Learn…

  • How To Break Bad Habits By Changing Your Mindset.
  • How Meditation Can Help You Stay Focused And Get More Energy During The Day.
  • How Having A Morning Ritual As Well As A Daily Routine Will Make Your Life Easier.
  • How To Focus On What Matters
  • How To Retrain Your Brain And Control Your Thoughts
  • Much, Much More!

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