Pozzo the Perfect Puppy (Pozzo’s Tales)

| July 20, 2013


Pozzo the Perfect Puppy (Pozzo's Tales)

Pozzo is no ordinary Puppy.

He just seems to turn up when Sam needs him most.

Things are not going too well for Sam.  He has just started a new school and the only kids taking interest in him are the 3 school bullies.

Have you ever had that feeling that someone is watching you.  Well, Sam gets just that feeling on the way to school and after a bit of a search he spots the head of a puppy peering out from a bush. Suddenly Sam is the proud owner of a super puppy.
A puppy that shows Sam a secret world of hidden tunnels.
A puppy that gets Sam to see that there is more than one way to face his problems.

Join Sam and Pozzo as they face the bullies and tame the ferocious.

And when the going gets really tough Pozzo will unleash his secret weapon… The SUPER PARP. WARNING: Never Read this Book on a Smello-Kindle

Download now and find out why Pozzo is such a perfect Puppy.

“My son and I loved this book. The story is well-written and contains some interesting twists that kept my son’s attention.”  R G Dale – Amazon Reviewer
“Great book for beginner readers and to read to the little ones.”  Kath – Amazon Reviewer.

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