No Good Deed (Intertwined Souls Series: Eva and Zoe Book 5)

| June 19, 2017


Eva Lambros and her lover Zoe are home in Australia after their tumultuous trip to Europe. Eva’s wish for a quiet life and children is all that she asks for. It’s 1950 in Sydney, Australia and everything is falling into place. Fate has other plans when an accident leaves Eva fighting for her life. The accident heralds a maelstrom of unexplained paranormal incidents and everything points to Eva as being the source.

Zoe has to contend with the possibility of losing the woman she loves just as their dream of a family is in their grasp. Eva’s accident reveals more than anyone imagined. A secret that had been hidden for centuries and a decision, taken by a desperate mother intended to protect the child she loves, will now shatter a conspiracy of lies and deceit.

Pick up No Good Deed, where Eva and Zoe’s story and timeless love is intense and breathtaking. Love, hope, secrets and lies intertwine in this historical lesbian romance imbued with urban fantasy and mystery.


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