Refuse: Book 2 of the Reclaim Series

| June 19, 2017


What would you do to save your brother from alien invaders?

Lieutenant Bradley Porter barely survived the last suicidal mission Command sent him on. The scars of coming close to death continue to haunt him while his superiors in the Mars Armed Forces push him to capture the final alien carrier from the Zeal. 

With a recent victory at the cost of hundreds of pilots plaguing his mind, Porter receives the news that his brother Teve is still alive and fighting the Zeal on Earth. Motivated to survive and one day free the people of Earth and his brother from the invaders, Porter must deal with Mars’ transparent ambitions to become the new superpower in the region once the alien threat has been neutralized. The Zeal, however, do not plan on rolling over so easily.  

Sergeant Teve Porter cheated death only to be taken prisoner by his own people. Why have the United Earth Forces thrown him into isolation? Because he has been infected with alien nanobytes at the hands of the Zeal.  

Fresh from discovering the truth about the human prisoners trapped within the Zeal base, Teve must survive the alien nanobytes altering his system while enduring test after test performed on his genetically altered body at the hands of the UEF.  

With visions of escaping to freedom controlling his every thought, Teve soon discovers he is now capable of fighting at levels beyond his human limitations as he slowly transforms into the super soldier the UEF want him to be.  

With the war beginning to turn in humanity’s favor, the two brothers are going to discover they have more to worry about than alien invaders. 

Refuse is the second book in the Reclaim series, a military sci-fi space opera. If you love stories about military science fiction, colonization, first contact, genetic engineering, or alien invasion, then you’ll love this page-turning series. 

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