Desert Promises

| June 20, 2017


Modern Saudi Arabia Presented Like Never Before.

Rashid despite being an Indian has been born and bred in Saudi Arabia. He is stuck in limbo with his identity as an Indian and one who knows no other place other than Saudi Arabia as his home.
Jovial he is, but he has a heartbroken past that haunts him and continues to petrify him by the thought of entering a relationship. He meets a Saudi girl, Emaan, who works in his office. Rashid starts to fall for her unconditionally and doesn’t know whether she has the same feelings towards him. Thoughts of their different backgrounds, cultures and his failed relationship keep him at a distance from Emaan.

As it turns out even Emaan has been through an ugly heartbreak and shares his feeling in being against the love brigade. Will love blossom for two heartbroken lovers or will their past experiences and their cultural differences keep them away from falling in love? Read on to know what exactly life in metropolitan Saudi Arabia is like from the inside as the story of Rashid and Emaan unfolds.

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