The Vespiary: A Captivating, Fast-Paced Thriller About Fighting the Nightmares of Sleep and Reality, as the Common Accountant Becomes the Unlikely Hero to Confront the Wasp Aliens

| June 21, 2017



The Vespiary

Barney Barry is a desperate, downtrodden man. He despises his tedious existence as a cost accountant for the giant Baxter Life Corporation where he slogs through endlessly boring days, bullied by the executive and his co-workers. At home his beautiful but shallow, social climbing, wife Melissa harangues him constantly about working harder to advance a career he hates. What’s worse; he’s plagued nightly by horrifying dreams about huge, wasp-like creatures that have invaded Earth to build a gigantic hive, using humans as slave labor and food.

As Barry’s discontent with his life grows so does the length of his dreams of living in a world where the government has betrayed the citizens and routinely hands over people to the Waspoids. When he encounters a carbon copy of his wife Melissa in the gun-touting, Armed Resistance League lieutenant, Katelyn Sumner, in his dream world, Barney finds himself embroiled in humanities last hope for survival. Believed to be a mythical hero dubbed “the Liberator” the resistance fighters and Katelyn are looking to Barney to help them destroy the wasp aliens and bring down the hive for good.

When Barney’s dream world and “real” life begin to intermingle he finds himself caught in one predicament after another. He loves Katelyn as the wife he always wanted and never had in Melissa. The faces of his Baxter Life foes are taking wasp form in the Hive world and he’s equally terrified of ending up permanently in one world or the other.

There is disaster looming for Barney Barry no matter world he’s in. Baxter Life is on the verge of financial ruin and Barry is slated to take the fall for it. In the Hive world, his status as The Liberator makes him a target for the Queen Waspoid who wants to use him to feed her next crop of young and crush the human resistance once and for all.

Barney must find a strength he never knew he had to save the lives of his fellow citizens and keep Melissa/Katelyn safe. He must go into the Hive where no one has ever gone before and survived to make a last stand for all of humanity.

The Vespiary is a fast-paced science fiction thriller with everyman Barney struggling to do the right thing in the face of insurmountable odds and certain disaster.

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