A Silence in the Heart

| June 22, 2017


It took a little boy, an injured kitten and an attractive veterinarian to knock down the walls of Tracy’s guarded heart.

Tracy Harris has learned her life’s lessons the hard way. An alcoholic mother who bounced in and out of her life, usually creating chaos and, a fiancee who couldn’t handle her messy family and broke off the engagement. Life was easier if you kept your heart safe and secure. She knows her boss, David Braun, is interested in her but she doesn’t dare open her heart again. That way lies pain and disappointment.

David Braun has been intrigued by Tracy ever since he started at the vet clinic. But she keeps him firmly at arm’s length. Then Kent and the injured kitten he found comes into her life and David sees a softness and protectiveness that calls to his lonely heart.

As the two of them work with Kent they grow closer and their relationship blooms. When Tracy discovers that Kent’s life mirrors her own, she wants to take Kent into her own home and seeks David’s support. And right then, as if on cue, her mother comes stumbling back into her life.

Can David and Tracy put aside their own needs and make the right choice for Kent and themselves?

A Silence in the Heart is a compelling romance about past and present, loss and forgiveness and hard choices.


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