Metally Fatigued

| June 22, 2017


When you’re the ones who inadvertently let all the monsters out, it’s only fair that you’re also the ones who have to recapture them.

Vampires are natural hunters, when it comes to their own food, but other supernatural creatures? Not their favourite task, especially when they’ve been trying to lead a normal life — human normal. If only.

They’re given no choice. They were the ones who made the mistake of freeing thousands of creatures from the Overlord’s jail, locked up because they were the worst of the worst and a danger to the planet.

That’s a lot of monsters.

This is going to take a long time.

If you enjoy your vampire tales laced with humour, and a light smattering of blood, then this series of short stories is the one for you. Get Part One today.

This 12,000 short story is part of The Rag & Bones Vampire Series World. It can be read independently, but if you want the back story, The Rag & Bones Vampire Series, and Rag & Bones Shorts, are available here, too.

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