Doomsday Minus One

| June 22, 2017


An anomaly at the bottom of a mine. A doomsday waiting to happen.

Geologist Simon Macomber finds himself in the middle of an earth-shattering event when an unknown power awakens from the depths. In the chaos that ensues, he will face a danger that threatens not only Earth’s ecosystem but his own soul as well. ??With the help of Emmeline Brochu, a scientific adviser, Declan Penney, a young co-pilot and Anna Curtis, the daughter of a manager missing in action, Simon will fight to survive the final desperate hours before doomsday strikes.

A page-turning Science Fiction adventure with thrilling action and intriguing revelations, DOOMSDAY MINUS ONE will catapult you into a world where the infinite universe and the metaphysical worlds collide.?? Discover for yourself what powers the anomaly!

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