It’s bedtime! Funny stories about health.

| June 22, 2017


Bedtime is an important part of parenting – it helps children to feel more comfortable and secure. This is one of the most memorable things about childhood, and it’s crucial to make it fun and enjoyable. That’s why I wrote this book – to entertain your kids and to teach them how to be healthy and happy. Here you will find three adventurous stories that will teach your children why they should care for their teeth, what are bacteria and viruses and how to overcome their fears.

An adventure story about Anna the virus.
Your children will learn about viruses and bacteria in this wonderful story. It is an incredible story of tiny Anna the virus and her teammates, lead by Captain Roger inside George’s body. This story will help your kids discover and learn about an extremely important thing in our lives – Viruses. Readers of all ages will enjoy this adventurous story about bacteria and viruses in the body.

The incredible story of Dennis the cavity
This is an interesting story about Dennis the cavity and his friends that lived in Josh’s mouth! This book will show your children how soft drinks, sweets, and cakes can hurt their teeth, and that Dennis is not a good boy, and isn’t worthy of being friends with your teeth!

Christy’s win over her fear! “I’m not afraid anymore!”
You will be inspired by the incredible story about Christy’s fears! You will learn how a little girl became a winner over the fears in her head. All children have fears, and this story will help your kids overcome their fears! Find out how you can do it!

All stories were illustrated with beautiful pictures that will catch your kid’s eyes and will carry your child throughout three fantastic adventures. Don’t hesitate! This book will leave great memories for you and your kids!

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