Cocoa and Chanel (Book One in the Chanel Series)

| July 21, 2013


Cocoa and Chanel (Book One in the Chanel Series)

Another novel by the award winning author Donna Joy Usher.

Please note – this is a humorous, chicklit, female sleuth novel in the style of Janet Evanovich. If you are looking for a literary masterpiece with a deep meaning this is probably not the book for you.

Faced with the unattractive options of an affair with her boss’s husband or the unknown, Chanel Smith chooses the unknown and unwittingly traps herself into joining the New South Wales’ Police Force. More interested in fashion than felony, Chanel staggers through training and finds herself posted to the forces most notorious crime hot spot – King’s Cross, where she becomes entangled in a case of the worst kind. A serial killer targeting young women.

As she is drawn further into the seedy underworld in her attempt to unravel the truth, Chanel makes new friends, new enemies and draws the attention of the killer. Can she solve the case in time, or will she become the killer’s next victim?

I love reviews as much as any other author (especially the 5 star kind) but please, no spoiler reviews.


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