A Time for Everything

| June 26, 2017


Follow Michael as he meets and falls in love with a time traveller, whom he just can’t manage to keep longer than a day each year in this coming of age lesson of ‘be careful what you wish for’.
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Be entertained with this new cross-genre novel, falling into woman’s romance, New adult and college, and time travel romance that will fulfil all your romantic suspense and thriller needs for a great summer read you won’t want to put down. Don’t miss out on this exciting debut novel that will leave you in love, even after you close the pages.

Twenty-year-old Michael is visited by time-traveller Audrey, who leads him down a path to improve his life. Relationship influences are at the centre of Audrey’s conflict. What things in life should be left to fate? And if altered, could it destroy everything?
Michael quickly learns that information comes at a price when he falls in unrequited love with his guardian angel – the perfect woman who returns from the future once a year to offer him friendship and guidance. Michael becomes aware of the deadly way in which Audrey was pushed back in time and the danger that awaits her.
Does knowing the future mean fate can be changed? Does Michael love Audrey enough to sacrifice the history created with her in the time-travel loop?
Will he risk the career he has built for his family’s financial security?
Can he save Audrey’s life by preventing the event that caused her time-travel?
Can he return her safely to her own time… to the arms of her waiting husband?

What are the rules?
What are the possibilities?
Could tampering with destiny lead to something else?
What would you risk to save the woman you loved, if the stakes were literally everything?

Charlotte says “As an avid reader, I read a ton of books by debut authors. This book was so different from anything I have ever read. The plot development is that of a seasoned author. The characters are multi-dimensional and the science made my nerdy brain jump for joy. And oh my, the love story made my heart ache and pound and yearn. I laughed. I cried and I yelled at the characters in frustration at times. The author did a great job keeping me oriented to what place and point in time I was currently reading about, which is crucial in a time travel novel.
I want to gush about this book, but quite honestly, I can’t find words adequate enough to describe how wonderful this book is. I will say it is well worth your time and money.”

Book blogger Storm says: “I was so invested in this book. The unknown of what’s going on with Audrey and why each time is worse, the mystery of the future, the way this would play out…I HAD to know! Time, and fate, is not something to mess with. What an absolutely fantastic debut. I mean, wow! This story blew me away. And then that ending. I should have seen something like that coming, but it still managed to catch me off guard. I’m looking forward to more from this talented and imaginative author.”

Zoe is recommending it: “I’ve never read a book like this before and the concept of it blew me away.
I loved how it was put together. You could never second guess it in any way shape or form because it went through so many stages. It’s so cleverly written its seamless.
It’s a romance with a brilliant twist to it, everything about this book was so clever. It’s a book I will re read at least once.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone if you want to read a book nothing like you’ve ever read before, yes it’s that good.
She is an up and coming author and one that I will definitely follow because to be able to put this book together takes some talent.

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