Help! How Do I Find The Information I Need for a Free Book Submission?

Are you dipping your toe into the world of Kindle book promotion, but find yourself a little bit lost as what information that you need to giving to promotional services?  To get you up and running with the book information we need at, we’ve provided a little reference guide to help you out.

Your Book Details

Your Name: We want to know who you are, so please let us know who you are!
Author/ Pen Name:  Many of our authors write under pen names, but it can be confusing for our team to know if we’re addressing the author by their real name or their pen name.  To make it a little easier let us know your pen name.

Contact Email Address: If we select your book to be included in the daily list we want to let you know, so please let us know your e-mail address so that we can send you an e-mail.

Author’s Twitter Handle: If you have a Twitter account we’ll send you a tweet to let you know your book has been selected, so please let us know your Twitter handle.

Confused about where to find your Twitter handle?  There’s a few ways to find it, but the easiest way is to login to Twitter and then look at the top left hand corner.  Here you’re looking for the text with ‘@’ as the prefix.

For example, here’s the Twitter handle for – @itswritenow100

ASIN Number: The ASIN is the code that Amazon uses to uniquely identify your book.  Because this code is unique we also use this code as the basis to find the information about your book that we use for promotion.
You can find your ASIN by navigating to your book page on Amazon.  And then clicking on the ‘Ebook’ of ‘Digital Book’ book.

After that you need to scroll down to the ‘Product Details’ section and your ASIN is located there.

Link to your book on Amazon: We also ask you to provide us a link to a book on Amazon.  Why do we need a link to your book when you’ve already given us the ASIN, well it’s for checking purposes.  When authors are promoting many books, or are just starting out from time to time we find that the ASIN and the link to book to be promoted don’t match, and this can be confusing for us to know which book you’re looking to have featured.  In these cases we can drop you an e-mail and clarify what book should be promoted.  Also, having the direct link to your book makes our selection process a little faster, which means there’s more time to work on your feature!

What Categories does your book fall into?:  Categories are important as they help readers figure out if they want to read your book.  The categories that we have align to the top level categories that Amazon use so you can use the same categories that you’ve setup for your Kindle book.

Tag your book: Sometimes categories just aren’t enough to really show a reader what your book is about, so we’ve added the ability for authors to tag their books.  Think of tags as ‘buzzwords’ about your book that give enough of a hint to readers to show what your book is about.  For example some of the most popular tags we have seen include: cozy mystery, vampires, series, historical fiction and mystery.
Remember to separate the terms with commas!

We also use these terms for our reading lists where we pull out some of the best books of from the archives for readers looking who are in the mood for specific reads.  Here’s a few examples of lists we’ve already setup:

Is your book permafree?:  Permafree books are books that are permanently listed as free or are listed as free.  If your book is always listed as free let us know as we flag handle these books a little bit differently :).

What is the first day that your book will be free?: So that we can line your promotion up with when your book is free let us know the first date that your book will be free.  We accept books that where the free promotion has already started, and books that will be free in the future, so it doesn’t matter if this date is in the past or future.

What is the last day that your book will be free?:  This is the last date that your book will be free.  Fairly obviously this date shouldn’t be in the past as we unfortunately don’t have time machines to turn back the clock and include your book in a past promotion!

Hopefully those tips help you find the information that you need.  If there’s any other questions that you have when setting up a request check out our FAQs for more information, or drop us a line using the contact form.