| June 27, 2017


Part of the Crime After Time Collection

An unnerving suspense tale that ensnares a missing girl, a mad artist, and an unreliable witness, culminating in a double-whammy of a surprise!

After witnessing the possible kidnapping of a neighborhood girl, quiet transcriptionist Willa Neville reports the crime. Unfortunately, she sports a reputation as a nosy tale-teller who exists in her own distorted world, but as her recollections and revelations become vital catalysts in the investigation, Detective Jeremy Upton must learn to trust her.

When Willa experiences heightened tensions with mean-spirited neighbors, she turns to Jeremy for support. But the more he learns about the kidnapper’s warped intentions, the greater his urgency to dismiss Willa’s claims and save the girl now… before she becomes someone or something unrecognizable. Soon, dire crimes of the past make an unwelcome appearance, and these two disparate forces—logical detective and irrational spinster—must work together to rescue the victim.

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