Kryolia – The Quest for the Medallion

| June 29, 2017


The Quest for the Medallion

Evil is about to taint the beautiful Kryolia forever. Only Aaron Braeden’s dream of a magical world and the charm of the beautiful Keyra can save this blessed land from eternal oppression by the evil imposter, Sir Rudimas, and his cohorts. Keyra’s life becomes a rollercoaster ride when her safe haven is threatened. One moment she is filled with wonder at the beautiful creatures that help save Kryolia; then, fear for her family’s safety and the preservation of her blessed land causes her to doubt her courage. The quest to find the second half of the medallion leads her and her family to discoveries of the deeper meaning of living in Kryolia that will change their lives forever.
“A good, readable story with lots of action, good morals, and a touch of adventure. Young and old alike will enjoy reading about Keyra’s quest to save the land she loves. This beautifully written fantasy is sure to keep readers glued to the pages right to the end.”
– Editor’s review


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