Mercy Come Dawn (Temperance Unbound, #1)

| June 29, 2017


“Good people do bad things. Bad people do good things…”

Amara Lake can’t tell the difference anymore. The law means nothing to her anymore. But her father is the law. At least, in their small-town of Temperance, Oklahoma. Named after one of the seven virtues, temperance is hardly what you’d find there. Amara, a former soldier and subsequent black market gunrunner, returns in time for crime to thrive in her hometown.

With the government crumbling and new laws leaving rural towns without ample protection, no one sees the irony in a double murder happening the night the Police Chief’s daughter stumbles back into everyone’s lives. Her seedy past follows her, repressed memories haunt her every move, and the angelic illusion of her mother – who took off without word years before Amara ever dreamt of it – motivate Amara to right every wrong in Temperance.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Alongside her mysterious former colleague ‘D’, her father, and childhood friends, Amara fights to keep their town from being pillaged by smugglers and solve the murders of a cocaine dealer and his teenage drug mule. Amara Lake is a lover, sure. But she’s also a fighter. And much to her horror, she’s another piece to the puzzle.

Gaining acceptance from her loved ones? Piece of cake.

Forgiving herself? Maybe tomorrow.

Sifting through her memories, something just on the tip of her tongue? That’s next to hell.

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