Modern Life of the Immortals

| June 29, 2017



In a world, full of fantasy and adventure, there is also conflict. The modern age of the human world is full of complexity, as the rise of human emotion threatens all living things. On the mountain, high above mankind lies another group of beings. They are the Immortals and this is their story.

This book is an introduction into this fictional world. It is a detailed picture book that shows the beauty in all things of this world. The characters are the most important part of “Modern Life of the Immortals”. They are colorful, good and bad, light and dark, and their interactions cause much conflict in their world. They are powerful beings. They have human forms and chibi (animal) forms, to help them blend in with human society. They are not unlike god and goddesses, in that they are all powerful and each character has a specific purpose and characteristic. The Immortals, ancient beings of this world, are now part of the 21st century. There is a lot to be learned by these creatures, and it certainly won’t be easy. However, through friendships, romance, and working together, The Immortals may find the salvation they have been looking for. The human world needs their help. Will they succeed? Or, will mankind fall, taking The Immortals down with them?

Join us on this journey as we follow the adventures of Luan, Zhu Yin, Parrot, and many others.

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