You’re Worthless And You Know It

| July 1, 2017


Finally you’ll be able to find acceptance in what a worthless person you are. You’re Worthless And You Know It is a parody on the popular Self Help genera to become the world’s first truly De-Motivational book. This satire will help you identify your personal worthlessness, learn acceptance, and ultimately how to live in harmony with your worthless self.
          Self-help books would have you imagine yourself as someone who’s capable of limitless achievement. Sadly all that does is set you up for limitless disappointment when you fail to achieve anything because of how worthless you are. I want you to be happy as a worthless individual.  
          You’re Worthless And You Know It is a quick read and makes the perfect gift for all the worthless people in your life. Having said that it’s small enough to leave under your ex’s windshield wiper after you’ve superglued the door shut and slash the tires (not that I’ve ever done that or that you could prove it was me or that I’m condoning those specific actions).
          Author Will Jorden lays out such groundbreaking work because believe it or not he has a history of worthlessness. His writing is to the point, humorous, and informative. You’ll hardly notice your self-esteem, confidence, and dignity dropping faster than your I.Q.


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