| July 2, 2017


Evil lurks in a commune in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The so called bastion of environmentalism is nothing more than a money machine for a heartless leader named Jason. His band of thugs fleece the true believers who give up everything to live off the grid. Many will come to the commune but none will leave.

Jason has bigger plans which will drive the dubious political and business leaders of Los Angeles to their knees. An unlikely pair of investigators from Task Force One, an off the record unit with its own checked past are charged to get to the bottom of the mounting pile dead bodies.

Pete Houston and Gnat Reynolds are two former pro athletes with two good knees between them. That doesn’t stop them from turning the city upside down in their headlong pursuit of the cult leader. How far will they go and how much destruction will they leave in their wake?

As a power struggle develops in the city, Pete and Gnat will have to walk a fine line. A beautiful and hard-nosed t.v. reporter finds her way into Pete’s life which only complicates the situation and makes it that more deadly. Right and wrong is truly in the eye of the beholder.


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