The Innovation Experience

| July 3, 2017


Learn the meaning of innovation, why it’s critical to success and discover how to become an innovative thinker and how to innovate a company as a whole.

There are four essential catalysts for building a successful innovation strategy: Company Culture, Mindsets, Teams and Tools.

These four catalysts are interconnected, and innovation efforts tend to fail when they are not all implemented together. It’s difficult to build a better wall when your roof is falling on your head.

Step out of the 20th century’s trench warfare of incremental improvement, discover how to develop the capacity to innovate quickly, sustainably and holistically as an organization, manager or entrepreneur. Learn how to integrate, build and reconfigure internally and externally and then apply the appropriate technology to create valuable solutions to problems you never knew existed, generate new ideas and products or services that customers have validated, want and will pay for.

This book puts actionable methods and tools in your hands using relevant success stories from business and insights from research and experience.

Join the successful rise of human centered design organizations. (Apple, Google, Nike, Disney…)

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